Romantic Outdoor Winter Wedding in Austin Texas

June 16, 2023

Brad & Kyle

A winter wedding dream in Austin, Texas! Brad and Kyle said yes to forever, and I am so honored to have documented their special day. Obsessed is a really strong word! However, I can absolutely say I was obsessed with this day, these two, their guests, & the entire experience.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a part of so many special days. There was just something completely magical about Brad & Kyle’s day that I just have not gotten over.

Winter Wedding in Austin, Texas

Maybe it was the perfect balance of Brad’s introverted nature and Kyle’s extroverted energy that made everything feel just right. Or maybe it was the amount of love in the air. It was in everything from the way they looked at each other, to the way their friends and family embraced them, and how they just allowed themselves to be completely present in every moment of their day.

Leaving their wedding, the overwhelming feeling I felt was love. Not just from Brad & Kyle, but from their beautiful community. I felt so warm and fuzzy, and more energized & full of love than I knew what to do with.

Their day was just such a beautiful representation of their love. A kind of day I wish for all my couples to have on their wedding day. A true representation of your love. If you are on the search for a wedding photographer who will not only document your wedding day, but will make sure it is authentic to you and your love story, head on over to this link to get in contact!

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