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July 20, 2022

Planning an inclusive wedding for your guests is a perfect way to let them know you value them. Even though it is your day, you still are thinking of them. A lil introduction: hi, I’m Riley Glenn, an Austin Texas Wedding Photographer bringing you my wedding planning tips! The great thing about planning a wedding that is all-inclusive is you can scrap out traditions that don’t align with your and your guests’ values. There are so many ways big and small for you to be mindful of your guests.

Ways To Have An Inclusive Wedding:

Embrace Mixed-Gender Parties

This will allow you to not only include your closest friends and family in your wedding party, but also help make folks feel more accepted at your wedding. Don’t force opposite-sex pairings, let people in your wedding party pair up with the person they want to!

Find LGBTQIA+ Wedding Vendors

Finding equality-focused vendors can help you to be more inclusive, and they are more than happy to provide tips to help make the process easier! Choose vendors who share your and your guests’ same values. Inclusive Vendor: Fielding Floral

Choose An Inclusive Wedding Venue

Inclusive venues have gender-neutral bathrooms available to all guests in attendance. By having your reception at a venue that is inclusive, you make sure that your guests feel seen and valued on your special day. Inclusive venue: Garey House

Use Inclusive Language

Ditch “traditional” wedding terms. For example, instead of using “bridal party”, you can swap it out for “wedding party”. You can switch out “groomsmen” and “bridesmaids” with “attendants”. Instead of using the terms “bride and groom”, have your officiant refer to you as “newlyweds”, “married partners”, etc. Little changes make the world of difference for your guests.

Planning an inclusive wedding helps counter traditional norms and include diversity in the wedding realm. I hope you found these tips helpful for your wedding planning. Looking for an inclusive wedding photographer? Click here to learn about our wedding packages! We would love to hear from you!

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