Hamilton Pool Wedding Private Vow Exchange in Austin, Texas

January 11, 2023

Briana & Dakota

Hamilton Pool Wedding Private Vow Exchange

Briana (she/her) and Dakota (he/him) wedding day was so special! They eloped at the Travis County courthouse. Afterwards, Briana and Dakota decided to have a private vow ceremony by the peaceful waters of a Hamilton Pool wedding in Austin, Texas. Hamilton Pool is located west of Austin and is a perfect wedding day location for nature lovers!  Briana and Dakota hiked towards their destination spot at Hamilton Pool with a gorgeous scenic view. They followed their private vows with the cutest picnic! They shared laughs with champagne in celebration of their exciting new chapter.

Y’all, when I tell you that private vow ceremonies hold a very special place in my heart! Exchanging vows can be slightly scary for some people. The fear of being vulnerable on your wedding day or worrying about public speaking is very real for some people. But I’ll tell you a secret—you and your partner can actually choose to exchange your vows privately! This can be done even if you’re having a wedding with all of your loved ones.

A private vow ceremony can take place somewhere near your venue, a place that has significant meaning to you and your partner, or somewhere you just think is pretty & private! Check out my blog Traditional Vows vs Personal Vow for tips to see which vows are right for you and your partner!

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