Fall Engagement Session in Austin, Texas

April 6, 2023

Erica & Joel

Love is in the air for these two. Come along their special adventure filled fall engagement session in Austin, Texas. From bike riding, to cozy wine date, and car backseat movie with snacks.

The couple..

Meet Erica and Joel, the dynamic duo who have been making waves in the world of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion for years! 

Erica, a passionate activist for survivors of DEI, has been dedicating her time and energy to the cause for over a decade. Her tireless efforts have helped countless individual. They have also played a major role in connecting Joel to his current work with equality law. 

The couple’s shared commitment to social justice. It is a large part of their daily lives, conversations, and growth together—in both rewarding and complicated ways. Erica’s open and inclusive approach to interpersonal interactions and public advocacy has helped build a strong community around them.

But, life is not only about activism, and this couple knows it well. When they’re not fighting for change in the world, you can find them watching movies, singing kitchen karaoke, playing games, and hosting themed parties with friends. They also cherish their couch time, showing up to help each other, and cooking delicious meals.

Fall Engagement Around Austin, Texas

For their engagement session, Erica & Joel wanted to incorporate everything they have to do. They include their bikes and their favorite spots in town, as it is not only an expression of their love for each other but also a reflection of their community-minded and adventurous spirits.

These two are truly an inspiration and a reminder that love and activism can go hand in hand, and I am so here for that!

Here is your reminder your engagement photos can be anything you want them to be. I always encourage my couples to include activities they both love to do together. Whether that may be riding around town in their bikes or sharing drinks at their favorite spots.

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