Beach Proposal in Costa Rica

July 20, 2023

Elijah & Ally

Elijah (they/them) and Ally (they/them) had the most amazing beach proposal in beautiful Costa Rica! Y’all, I was so excited when Elijah reached out and asked if I could help them capture their proposal in freaking COSTA RICA! Of course, I said ABSOLUTELY YES — some sun, some beach, and whole lot of love between two beautiful and adventurous souls? Say no more. I. Am. All. In.

But when I tell you that we had to do everything we possibly could to keep this a secret from Ally. At one point, Elijah and I even pretended that I was a “construction company” and talked in code just to make sure they wouldn’t accidentally find out. Thankfully, they never suspected a thing and the proposal was a success. What made it even more special though was that both of their moms were present for it too—how freakin sweet is that? 

Beach Proposal

We spent the rest of the day having a blast on the beach and taking more photos, and now I’m excited to finally share some of my favorite moments from their session. Congratulations again Elijah and Ally, and thank you for inviting me to help preserve your this very special day for you. 

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