Backyard Fall Wedding in Austin, Texas

April 12, 2023

Austin & Meredith

Fall wedding in the Hill Country

Austin (he/him) and Meredith (she/her) had the dreamiest fall wedding in Austin, Texas. They said yes to forever in a beautiful outdoor backyard setting. With the Texas hill country beauty as the background. Their day could not have been anymore perfect celebrating with their friends and family. Sharing love and dancing to celebrate the start of a new chapter.

Their love story…

Austin (he/him) and Meredith (she/her) were two friends who unexpectedly fell in love. What started as a friendship turned into a love so deep and true, that it stood the test of time, distance, and even a move to Ireland at one point.

Their love was something that was so serious and effortless that it actually scared them. But soon, they realized that they were meant to be each other’s forever person. No matter where in the world they go, they know they always have each other, and that is such a beautiful thing to know.

Austin and Meredith have moved to many new cities together, and with each move, they`ve had to find a new community to call their own. However, this has only prepared them to face the world together, as a team. They know that challenges will come their way, but they also know that they can overcome anything together.

Their wedding day was a beautiful celebration of their love, and a testimony to the power of friendship that blossoms into love. 

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