An Unplugged Wedding: Five Reasons To Consider One

July 13, 2022

Hey y’all, I’m Riley Glenn, an Austin Texas wedding photographer. You may be asking yourself what is an unplugged wedding? And do I need to include it on my wedding day? To summarise, an unplugged wedding is where the wedding couple asks their guests to refrain from using their phones or any electronic devices during the wedding ceremony and/or reception. This means absolutely no photos are taken by the guests during the ceremony or reception with their phones or any other electronic device. Now that you know what one is the question is: Do you need one?

5 Reasons To Have An Unplugged Wedding

Guests are focused on you.

Having an unplugged wedding helps make sure guests are fully in the moment during the ceremony with no distractions.

No Phones Or Ipads In Your Wedding Photos

When you opt-in for a wedding that is fully unplugged, your wedding photographer does not have to worry about competing with your guests. When you look back on your special day, you won’t have phone screens in the background ruining your photos.

No Background Noise or Distractions

This type of wedding minimizes the chances of a phone accidently ring. Can you imagine if during your first kiss or reading of the vows was interrupted by a phone call? No, thank you!

One-Minute Photo Opportunity

For just one minute, give your guests the opportunity to take photos of you before having them put away their phones. This works really well during the ceremony or reception. Your wedding stays unplugged, and your guests get to take their photos. Best of both worlds if you ask me!

Keeps Your Wedding Private

It is your special day so you get to decide when and how your memories are shared. Reducing exposure helps you and your guests to fully enjoy the day without having to worry about where photos or videos of you are being shared.

Now that you are familair with the benefits of having your wedding unplugged. What are ways you can inform your guests? Be clear with your wishes. You can also add it on to your wedding invitations. Display says stating it is unplugged as a reminder. Make an annoucement. You can always offer your guests posts ceremony/reception photo oppurtunity, but remember this is your day. Plan it your way!

I hope you find this blog helpful and make your wedding planning a tad easier. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, click the link here to learn more about our wedding packages!